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Lomax Catches Lucky Bounce in Nevada

2003-Celebrity-Golf-Tournament-at Edgewood-Country-Club-in-Lake-Tahoe

By Mike Tokito, The Oregonian

A lot of parents have uttered the phrase, “Use your head, son.” It took on a different meaning for the Lomax family Saturday.

Neil Lomax , the former Portland State and NFL quarterback and president and founder of the Promax event management company, was playing in the American Century Championship, a celebrity event in South Lake Tahoe, Nev., when he hit his drive at the par-5 18th hole.

“I hit a great tee shot at 18, and I heard over someone’s radio that a kid was down,” Lomax said. “I’m thinking, ‘How sad,’ when my son Jack comes running up yelling that I had hit Mitch.”

That would be Mitch Lomax , his 9-year-old son. Neil and Jack , 13, ran up to check on Mitch, who was sitting in a marshal’s chair rubbing his head. The ball had grazed Mitch’s head, but he was OK.

Lomax ‘s ball ended up in a bunker, and he went on to make birdie.

“So it turns out it was a lucky break that it hit his head, after all,” Lomax said. “Soon as I sank the putt, I gave him the ball so he can tell his kids how his head helped their grandfather with birdie on 18. I’m going to start rubbing that head for luck from now on.”


Neil finishes the beautiful par 3 on the 17th hole, and waits with brother (and caddy) to tee off on the 18th par 5. Meanwhile, sons Mitch and Jack rush down the fairway to catch him coming in.


Jack-tells-his-dad-Neil-Lomax-that-he-hit-Mitch-in the-head-with-his-drive

Jack tries to explain to his dad that his drive down 18 hit Mitch on the head. Neil, after finding out Mitch was ok, went on to birdie the 18th.



Everyone gathers on the green after the round, then Neil talks with friend and ex-neighbor Mychal Thompson about his round and about his errant drive on 18. Mitch meanwhile, is back to normal as his Uncle Mitch relaxes after a hard day’s work.

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